Do I believe in love at first sight? Of course I do! Every time I walk through the dessert aisle in a grocery store, I immediately fall in love. My mouth begins to water while my heart begins to race, and suddenly, I can’t think straight. I usually try to eat as healthy as I can, but how could I possibly summon enough willpower to ignore the tasty treats that are calling my name?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a deep love and appreciation for desserts, specifically baked goods. I just get so giddy with excitement when I have some kind of pastry in front of me. I would have to say though, that cupcakes are definitely my biggest weakness. That being said, there is one specific moment in my life that altered me forever.

There is this specific cupcake shop that is very famous and highly regarded. I will not name who they are, but let’s just say that they’re the Starbucks of cupcakes. Everybody that I have ever spoken to about this place has absolutely loved their cupcakes. One beautiful summer day back in 2012 I finally had the opportunity to try this place out.  I couldn’t wait to have a taste of these, supposedly, fantastic cupcakes. I was so excited when we finally arrived to the shop! I couldn’t wait to get inside and pick out my flavors. As I stood in line, I could see the cupcakes displayed, and let me tell you, they looked gorgeous! It was so hard to chose the cupcake that would change my life forever, but my family and I finally decided on our flavors and sat down to eat. I made sure to take as many pictures of the cupcakes before they were eaten because I wanted to save this moment forever. I had even begun thinking about the caption I would put on my Instagram post as I documented my first taste of these glorious cupcakes. I had little butterflies in my stomach as I prepared to take my first bite. This was it. This had been the moment I had waited for for so long. As I bit into the cupcake I waited to be overcome with all of this cupcake’s glory. Just when I knew my tastebuds were about to explode I felt… absolutely nothing. There was no flavor to this cupcake. There was no pizzaz. I was so confused! I swallowed my first bite and quickly took a second in hopes that I had  done something wrong the first time. And to my dismay, the second bite had been just as awful as the first. Maybe it’s just this flavor, I thought, trying to cheer myself up. I tried the other cupcakes that my family had gotten but was still disappointed.  I felt completely betrayed. How could these possibly be the cupcakes that everyone was raving about? How could people possibly have enjoyed these dry tasteless cupcakes? Granted, I could have gone at the wrong time and bought cupcakes from an old batch, but still! This was my first experience at this place and their cupcakes completely ruined it for me.

After this experience, I vowed to go out and seek the best cupcakes this world has to offer. I don’t want to have to go through the disappointment that I went through with that cupcake bakery ever again. Who knows, the best cupcakes may come from a local bakery, a family recipe, or even from Pinterest, but I want to be there to taste them. I’m on the hunt to find these delicious cupcakes, and I hope you can join me on this journey!